All the Things that are going ON

I don’t update this site much. I’ve been ensconced in the making of many other sites, all of which are offshoots to larger ventures. But I won’t get into that too deep; instead, I will mention what’s new and point toward it, with the hopes that at some other point I can find a base for it all.

Months back I started a film and writing series called On the Escape, in which Ted Dodson and I film two writers per episode. Each writer is asked to read two pieces and we film them doing so from many different “places,” one of which is always a fire escape. Then, I edit the films into one piece for each writer and we publish them, sometimes alongside the original writing, on the website On the Escape.

Thomas Cook,  JoAnna Novak and I are relaunching the print journal Tim, formerly known as Tammy, and will be printing it this Spring. The journal will soon have a new website, shape, and gender. Look forward to a killer small issue with works from writers such as Lydia Davis and Alan Gilbert, just to name two.

The above two writers and I are also setting off on a review venture, whereby we’ll be diligently reviewing many contemporary poetry titles in hopes of following what is currently being written, and as a way to better involve ourselves and others in the conversations that aren’t happening very often.

I’ve  completed over 50 interviews in my role as Managing Consultant for the A.N.D Project, all of which can be found on their site via themes and bullseyes. This immersion has been eye-opening and I’m quite grateful to have been in conversation with some phenomenal designers, architects and multidisciplinary artists. Some of them include: Richard Kearney, Jeff Lieberman, Scott Snibbe, Golan Levin, Robert Stadler, Casey Reas, Zach Lieberman, Andrew Zuckerman, Daan Roosegaarde, Nathalie de Vries and many others.

AWP is approaching and I’ll be reading at three events, hosting one, and co-hosting another. I will post the dates and venues but they will all be a blast, as AWP in Chicago always is–so full of events and faces and intensity.

I’ve seen a ton of films lately and will comment on my top ten of 2011 soon. I have some writing and photographs coming out in odd places as well and will be sure to track that. All this and more.


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