Movies I’ve Recently Seen and Those I Want to See in August

After having acquired a library card, in addition to realizing there is a library across the street from me, I’ve been on an August movie-watching rampage and I don’t plan on stopping.  Here is a current list.  I plan on writing about as much of these as possible and soon.

Recently watched films:

Lisbon Story, by Wim Wenders

Viridiana, by Luis Buñuel

You, the Living, by Roy Andersson

The Spirit of the Beehive, by Víctor Erice

Fists in the Pocket, by Marco Bellochio

Amarcord, by Federico Fellini

Knife in the Water, by Roman Polanski

Loves of a Blonde, by Milos Forman

Days of Heaven, by Terence Malick

Lots of Stan Brakhage

Movies to watch, sitting in the living room:

Mia aioniotita kai mia mera, directed by Theo Angelopoulos

Hearts of Darkness, on the making of Apocalypse Now

Art & Copy, produced by Jimmy Gree

Europa, by Lars Von Trier

Le sang d’un poete, by Jean Cocteau

Dodesukaden, by Akira Kurosawa

Andrey Rublyov, by Andrei Tarkovsky

Revanche, by Gotz Spielmann


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