New Poems

I’m thrilled to have new work in the journals listed below.  Spring is always a grand time for new issues of great magazines.  If you get a chance go check these lads out:

Court Green published a poem I wrote entitled “Bud Cort” in their latest issue, which has a stellar 70’s dossier.

H_NGM_N published a poem called “Lap,” and at the same time knocked out a giant and wonderful issue.

We are Champion published some pieces from Excavation, a longer piece I am having a joyous nightmare with.  There is a rocking interview with Ben Marcus there too, as well as a fair amount of really engaging material.  Please dig.

Dislocate published a longer series of poems called “I Was Over There for a While.”

I finished reading Joyce Cary’s Horse’s Mouth the other day then watched the film version, both of which were a romp in the Donleavian sense, which puts Cary and Donleavy and Flan O’Brien, despite their obvious connection heritage-wise, in a league of humor’s own children.


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