Come to a Reading and More from the 8 x 4

Close friend, co-editor of Tammy, and poet Thomas Cook and I will be giving a reading with the poet Aidan Thompson this Friday night in Albany, NY.  Thomas and I have been collaborating for a couple years now, so we plan on doing both solo and collaborative readings.  We will be reading from what we entitle Monster:  a Glottochronology.  I recently made a short film of us in the act of writing, which is accompanied by the audio of the writing we did during the video.  Check it out here

Thomas and I also have a few poems up at Alice Blue, Spinning Jenny, and horse less review.

Snow hit nicely in Manhattan yesterday, only to melt today as the high spring tease unleashed its glance.  I think that I have no desire to watch the Academy Awards this year.  This isn’t to say that there weren’t great performances, nor that the glam isn’t delightfully indulgent, but that I really have no attachment to the films I believe will take home the troph, those being Avatar, District 9, and a few others.  Additionally, last year was like watching the b-side DVD celebration footage of Slumdog Millionaire.

Here are some painting updates from work-in-progress:


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