New Year New Poems New Paintings New City Newness

So, I moved to Manhattan on the 31st of December, ringing in the New Year with a West Village rummage.  There is a series of prose blocks that I have been working on for about 7 months now and the kind group over at Reconfigurations was nice enough to publish four of them in their recent issue.  Follow this link and scroll down a bit.  They are from a series called The Excavation, which is an ever-growing engagement with the painting of the same name, done by Willem de Kooning in 1950, which has sat at the Art Institute ever since.

Toward the end of the year I completed a few paintings which I have images of below.  The first two are done and were gifts to my parents, the third sits in the basement of a house in Minnesota, along with four or so other unfinished paintings, and the last is current.  I just picked up some acrylics and have begun work on the wall in my tiny room in the West Village, a slight image which serves as the last in these enclosed four and which will most likely grow a bit from here on out.  Although the image quality is not that great (I sent these from my phone) one can get a glimpse.  The job search has fully begun.  I am grateful just to be here.

At the end of 2009 I also received news that my first manuscript, Have the Hands Ask it Back, was a finalist at Black Ocean, a press I really admire.  This is a good step, as I can now look at other places to send it, especially since being a finalist prompted me to return and tinker.


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