Twin Peaks

I just started watching the Complete Series this past week and I want to sort of follow the reasons in which this show is absolutely brilliant.  Part of me knows that I cannot even enter such discourse without leaving many reasons out yet I wish to speak as straightforwardly about this as possible.  Maybe a top ten list will do for now.

Five of the Top Ten Reasons I Think Twin Peaks is Brilliant as of Right Now in the Middle of Watching the Series

10) The timing of pun:  it seems as though every inch of satire in this series becomes a melody necessary in keeping the tension real, despite the level of absurdity that at times seems intentional.  There is a known balance of fun-making and character depth that Lynch enlists.  As a director and writer he is always one step in front of the viewer.  The moment a scene becomes enmeshed in sincerity it is cut with some sharp inch of comedic commentary; yet, at this very moment, as viewer becomes lost in the gamble of humor, the plot  is usually taking the space it needs to jump past the viewer in order not to over-reveal the hints that so patiently pile up in accordance with everything Laura-Palmering about.  Lynch knows best the best.

9) Andy:  the affable yodel, often mazed in his own footfall, is the perfect antidote to the gruff mannerisms of Harry and the cloying complexity of Agent Dale Cooper.  His continuous screw-ups always turn out to reveal some hard evidence.  His garbled, clumsy pursuit of Lucy Moran is a legendary bend of confidence few shows have ever employed, making him an unforgettable sidekick in the marching brigade of obscure happenings.

8) Lucy Moran:  as much as I, as well as many others I’m sure, want to make Lucy stop messing up in minute ways, and to treat Andy better, her tactics for answering the phone and delivering messages to the Sherriff make for a routinely tucked-in chortle.  The addition of her meticulous and constant line up of office donuts makes the well-roundedness of a small town secretary a sort of B-side-because-its-mysterious Norman Rockwell moment.

7) Big Ed Hurley:  The things Ed doesn’t say make him the charcoaled lone ranger of the country’s border.  When he sings to his wife in her coma and she emerges the look on his face pinpoints the best definition of shock and awe I can possibly imagine.

6) FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield:  the invocation of cynicism is uncanny.

Albert Rosenfield: Meanwhile, one of your principal suspects is killed in his hospital bed, and the other is shot in his living room. You tell me: vigilante justice, or just clean country living?
Dale Cooper: Albert, where does this attitude of general unpleasantness come from?
Albert Rosenfield: I’ll have to get back to you on that.
Dale Cooper: Well, if you don’t want two black eyes on a regular basis, I suggest you make some kind of peace with the rural life.
Albert Rosenfield: Great. After the square dance, maybe we can all take a hayride.

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