Things I Like, Don’t Know About Yet, or Dislike Today

I’m not sure if I like this song or this video yet, but it is in my head after a friend sent it.

Things I don’t like today:

1) My stomach  2)  The blue line train  3)  loud freshman on campus

Things I like today

1) The poetry reading a Danny’s  2) a half-nap (side note: although, for the first time in a month I was able to start falling asleep in a nap sense when a phone call from the MN Republican party arrived–five questions they asked, enough to keep me irritable and awake)  3) Gravity’s Rainbow, which is becoming a fresher read the third time around … finally.

Also, why do I still like Datarock?  Maybe because their first album was released on a day in which I was so ready for the angst of the rain that arrived.  However, I am not as keen on the latest release “Red,” aside from its absurdity and chunky throwback.  Although this is still fun:


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