Some Intriguing Links

Dave Bonta has started a really cool site called Moving Poems, which posts a video poem roughly every day.  Check it out, support it, send it along.

I think that this is quite a sharp interviewof Johannes Goransson by Blake Butler, sharp in that it really opens up some solid room for poetic debate.  I even think it speaks outside of the realm of writing and can be something to share with many, as it is giving in personal stature but a sort of door for further investigations of one’s art. 

Today I’m thinking a lot about the Rhetorical Triangle, of the place I want to be at by the end of the day:  waking up is my pathos, lunching the logos, and sleeping (if, in fact) my ethos.


3 thoughts on “Some Intriguing Links

  1. Can you draw this triangle? Post a diagram?

    I like diagrams and am working on this diagram project and would be interested in seeing what your rhetorical triangle would look like.

  2. Tyler! Thanks!

    Anne Carson has a similar triangle– the Erotic Triangle (I don’t remember if she had a diagram or if I made the diagram happen… The lover, Beloved, and thing that comes between– and I had made a similar triangle to this rhetorical one based on that– I’m working it out– now I can add a third triangle!) Woo.

    Let me know when you get yours together. Will be mucho interested.

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