Movies and Books

I saw Moon today: spectacular. Rockwell runs an intense course of acting, giving everything possible to this role. I will be dumbfounded and probably upset if this does not land him a nod for best actor. The emotion of this film is still lingering; however, I can say that I still feel both out of body and mind after sitting through it and that the feasibility of things as seemingly distant as clones is more of a realistic than scientific phenomenon. I don’t know if I can explain what type of film this is and that makes me happy, like a Beck song or a Donald Barthelme story. The joy of viewing Moon was its unguarded excavation of humanity, its direct punch in the neck of our American platform of longing and pride, making several questions arise that beg to be answered with no bullshit.

The water and air show was this weekend in Chicago. I’ve never seen so many people duck as if they were being bombed. The beach was sandless with savage gazing all weekend, making it impossible to take full happiness out of a dip in Lake Michigan. I’m on the second part of Roberto Bolano’s 2666 and it is becoming difficult to trudge, as this portion of the book takes painful and meticulous steps at recounting hundreds of murders in Mexico. However, it shall be worth it–the first section was a dynamo, so the rest shall shape up.


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