New Issue of Action Yes

Check out the new issue of Action, Yes. I have a few poems up that used to be part of a longer project, entitled The Three Hour Swedish Problem, but which made their way separately into the manuscript.

Additionally, you can check out the following gems there:

“Dances of Vice, Horror and Ecstasy”: A special section devoted to the
poetry and art of the scandalous cabarets performed by Anita Berber
and Sebastian Droste in Weimar Germany.

Abstract comics!(Including a preview of Andrei Molotiu’s upcoming anthology from Fantagraphics Books.)

“Always/Only/A/Plenum”: Tim Wood’s essay on Robert Grenier and
Grenier’s response.

Translation of writers Agrafiotis, Dragincescu, Froger, Lamat,
Rubinstein, Sacré.

Per Bäckström’s essay ” “Crush the Aassholetters Between the Teeth”:
Språkgrotesk in Henri Michaux and Gunnar Ekelöf.”

“Dead Can Dance,” Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle’s ruminations on Decadence.

As well as poetry, visual poetry, collages and prose from Cook, Downing,
Lundwall, Yankelevich, Schapira and others.


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