Thought a day about Poetry

So aside from writing a poem a day in April, why not a thought about poetry a day.  I recently finished an essay on Alice Notley’s “Your Dailiness,” a sprawling six page beast of a poem that continuously reinvents itself. In her collection of essays, Coming After, Notley says that “a poet’s talent is of the voice, it’s what she organizes and dynamizes–not words by themselves but this essentially bodily production by which the poem is played and replayed in time.”  This replaying is a very inviting topic for discussion.  Poems replay themselves because the gust of their voice lifts content unknowingly into connection, making lines leave half-way into a thought only to finish themselves four stanzas later, as if the content took a bathroom break and the train of thought started it up again.  The transference that thought often is keeps voice in tact and allows it to simultaneously provide a sort of chorus, or a moment of “aha” that grounds the poem, not necessarily in a place or time, but grounds it in a mode of ecstasy.  I am thus thinking a lot about voice, if it controls us or if we know when it comes in.  Either way, I seem to not be able to start a poem with an idea and I’d like to think this will always be the case.


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