Brewster McCloud

I watched this movie recently, an earlier and rather unknown Altman film.  It was a riot.  These are notes and other forms of jotting:

Nobody wanted to deal with the similarities of bird
And man.  Goerthe, Goerthe, Goerthe.

I do more to the birds now than they did to me
And as the case may be there will always be
A goddamn marching band at your door.

We were put in uniforms if only to make one sound.

In order for Bud Court to return Shelly Duvall was introduced,
Her very first role.   Her first words welcomed tourists to the
Astrodome, a white dress with silver, horizontal buttons

“Takes working stiffs like us to get the job done”

One bird has precedence over another and then maybe Goerthe.
The sanitarium, scuffed with chuckles, heirlooms a wig.

“Good morning ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Astrodome”

Bud Cort, Shelley Duvall, and Goerthe’s birds.


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