What to Do When You’re at the Art Institute of Chicago and Someone is Standing in Front of All the Good Paintings

In belief that work responds to home

a striking balance

early on she sought pieces space seen ongoing home

planning canvas lengthy she looked sounds in explored home she

first flattened areas corners composition home celebrates

itself the numerous murals home early study devoid she forms

time home perhaps she abstract looked equilibrium portrait

represented home studied settling the downtown befriending bold

strokes home himself she suggesting appearance shades time

home devotee she espoused shape unusual canvas principles

lack embracing torture home music she searches equilibrium

past home indestructible present fleeting she beauty offers

theme ravaged concealing body home legs increase distance reshaped

men interrupting women contributing home she between landscapes

interprets home more consciousness oppressed she luminous intended

condition she confines condition home elements central nude

remaining floorboards almost certain home built she layers surface

labored family home falling water resists parable she reflecting

she looms seemingly home hours sharply features water falling

home alludes she struggled view traveled designs described

inside home have covered growths she stripping again from bleeding

image scratched central home she meditated unlived collecting

faded home funeral arranged covering obsessive inclusion she rests

memento mori home human she states new forbidding she


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