John Murillo and Rafael Franco Steeves

Tonight I saw the Puerto Rican Writer Rafael Franco Steeves and Poet John Murillo read at a very welcoming restaurant/hangout called Decima Musa. Steeves read in Spanish, as did many of the open mic readers, which was only strange because I was the only reader in the open mic who read in espanol. It is always wild to hear creative writing in another language, as the intonation can sometimes represent everything or the whole space of a word can be lost.

Murillo is a wonderful poet to hear live. His strong background as an emcee, as well as his practiced acuity in sound delivery make for a gripping room of listeners. He read both old and newer poems, as well as a remarkable Martin Espada poem in honor of Obama’s inauguration. You should check out his work in the links below. The editors of Columbia Poetry Review and I have also chosen a great poem of his–“Enter the Dragon”–which will appear in the new issue this Spring.

What I have been reading today:

Signs of Life in the USA: edited by Sonia Massik and Jack Solomon

The House That Jack Built: The Collected Lectures of Jack Spice: edited by Peter Gizzi

Modigliani: A Life: Jeffrey Meyers


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