Ideas of 2008

Best & Worst Ideas of the Day for 2008

January 1st:  Examining body for bruises.  Losing phone at Navy Pier as not to drunk dial the women of 2007.  Seeing Before the Devil Knows Your Dead.  Drunken scrabble.

January 2nd:  Finding phone as to get life back on track.  Watching Eastern Promises.

January 3rd:  Making Root Beer floats.  Seeing Atonement.

January 4th:  Seeing There Will be Blood.

January 5th:  Funk music at the Underground WunderBar.  Ending the night at The Continental while repeatedly being turned down by elitist hipsters.

January 6th:  Thinking about renting Willow.  Making chocolate-banana milkshakes. Renting Shoot Em’ Up—horrible.

January 7th:  Cheap wings.  Jazz at the Skylark.

January 8th:  Watched A Mighty Heart.  Ordered Chinese.  Registered to vote.

January 9th:  Free pints of Guinness at Galway’s Arm.

January 10th:  Go to the doctor for lung problems.  $100 meds.

January 11th:  Music at Danny’s.  Charleston Pool.  Meg, Kristen, Jesse, & Sean.

January 12th:  Go to work finally, make decent money.  Dad turns 60.

January 13th:  Take the Amtrak back to Minneapolis.

January 14th:  Visit BANK with Hauser, Hannah, and Andy.  Doctor Mambo’s Combo with Tom, Justin, Stielow, Vy, Hauser.  Rock Band until 4:30.

January 15th:  Monstrous hangover.  Birthday dinner for dad with the family.

January 16th:  Walker Art Center with Hannah.  National Geographic channel with Shepherd, Hill, and Meg.  Big Trouble at the Kitty Kat Club.  Rob Skoro and Joanna James come on stage.

January 17th:  Three horrible hours at the dentist—possible root canal.  Bon Iver with Hauser, Welter, Miller.  Run into James Kwan.

January 18th:  10-hour Amtrak from MPLS to Chicago.

January 25th  Vodka and what time is it?—orange juice
No more good ideas for the year.


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