On David Foster Wallace

“Here’s an example of a question that’s deeper and more interesting than my response can be. I know that the reason has nothing to do with feeling that a form’s been exhausted. Actually, I don’t understand the whole concept of form and forms very well, nor the various ways different forms and genres get distinguished and classified. Nor do I much care, really. My basic MO is that I tend to start and/or work on a whole lot of different things at the same time, and at a certain point they either come alive (to me) or they don’t.”

The quote above is taken from an interview over at Believer between Dave Eggers and the late David Foster Wallace. I find it great that Wallace never plugged a distant response, never shirked the issue because he simply was writing, doing. I think he points out quite wonderfully the concept of an idea or piece of work either coming alive, or not. Check out the whole interview, as it is worth reading in its entirety: http://www.believermag.com/issues/200311/?read=interview_wallace

I miss this writer deeply, and hope that there is much more of his material for us to posthumously peruse.


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