It’s Going to Be a Better Year

With Moon in La Mesa

With Moon in La Mesa

So, things begin anew.  I tried a website, tried the other blog domains, and perhaps it is just my constant need to update–interrupting feeling of self-disgust when something is not updated–that made me once again, in the new year, start a blog, but this feels more fresh, and something I hope to dedicate my thoughts too.

I have been out of Chicago, my current home, for around a month now, traveling to both Minnesota and California, the latter the most.  I spent a marvelous week in San Francisco during the changeover of years.  Mostly I randomly shot photos with the old Minolta, occupied the sun-plunked chair in the upstairs poetry section of City Lights Books, and read William Gass’s The Tunnel, the serious romp that it is.  I also spent a a good deal of time writing.

I am currently in San Diego, waiting to return to Chicago to teach Visual Rhetoric, finish my MFA thesis, and teach as poet-in-residence for the Chicago Public Schools.  This post shall serve as the first of many.  My older blog can be found here ( and included around a year’s worth of hullabaloo.  I would like to extend this page into one that included many photographs, updates on poems I’ve been writing (with samples) and various scats about the poetry community.  I look forward to writing more, and to making this a home for thoughts, especially those of other artists.  I would like to end each post with what I have been reading in or around the day I post, so here the first is:

Kevin McFadden’s Hardscrabble

Jacques Derrida’s Paper Machine

Thomas Bernhard’s Voice Imitator

Cheers, Tyler Flynn


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