AMERICAN FLOWERS (forthcoming, 2016)


Modern Camping, Poetry Society of America, April 2014

What I Cannot RecallGreying Ghost, 2012

“City,” collaborative project with Sidebrow Books , 2010

from Monster: a Glottochronology, alice blue books, 2012

Dog the Man a StarScantily Clad Press, 2009


from AWAY, Berryman’s Fate: A Centenary Celebration in Verse (2014)


“Diversion from the House with Jim Jarmusch,” 751

from The Three-Hour Swedish Problem,” Action Yes, Volume 1, Issue 10

from “This is the Room,” Babel Fruit, Fall 2009

Gramercy Park,” BOMB Magazine, 2015

“Tropism” and “Worry,” DIAGRAM 10.5

from Reach/Recover,” elimae

“Hebetudinous Eidolon” and “Out of Fence,” Euphemism 4.1

“from AWAY,” Flag + Void

“Summoning,” Flying Object’s It’s My Decision

from This is the Room,” Front Porch Journal

from What I Cannot Recall, Ghost Ocean Magazine

from “The Margins,” Ghost Proposal 

from “Nightmare directed by Ingmar Bergman,” horse less review # 8

“Lap,” H_NGM_N, Issue 10

“I am a Natural Wonder,” I am a Natural Wonder

from AWAY, La Fovea

from Have the Hands Ask it Back,” LEVELER

from “Persona Graph,”Lonesome Fowl 

On Compression,” Matter Press

“The Wish for a Garden Was Simple” and “from Walking Out,” Moving Poems (film poems)

“Nothing Particularly Local Going On,” Out of Nothing, Issue 4

from “Negatives,” Otoliths

from “Involving Names & Places,” Phantom Limb

from Let Me Leave it Here,Pider 

“Nightmare directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder,” “Nightmare directed by Agnes Varda,” “Nightmare directed by Guiseppe de Santis,” “from Nightmare directed by Ingmar Bergman,” PANK

from Excavation, RECONFIGURATIONS, Issue 3

“Dear Denoument,” REQUITED (Essay section, Issue 2)

“three from Walking Out,” Sidebrow (click arrow to see each new one)

from “Involving Names & Places,” Sink Review 

“Tickets to Your Morning in the Mirror (poem and film),” Nightmare directed by Federico Fellini,” “Nightmare directed by Jan Svankmajer,” “Nightmare directed by Luis Bunuel,” Slope, Issue 47–the Film Issue

“Look,: “Coast,” and “Marking,” Softblow archives, to be featured January, 2011

“Day to Be,” “Ten Items or Less,” “Through,” “Because There are Words Coming Out of Your face,” Sub-Lit, 2009 (now defunct)

“two from Excavation,” We are Champion, Issue 2 (now defunct?)


“Pictures of the Fog,” American Letters & Commentary, Issue 20

“Before the Bride,” Artifice, Issue 4

“Nightmare directed by Wim Wenders,” Black Warrior Review

Smoking,” Columbia Poetry Review, Issue 20

“Path,” Columbia Poetry Review, Issue 24

“Fellini Females,” Copper Nickel, Issue 13

“Void” and “The Sound,” Corduroy Mtn. # 3 and pamphlet

“Bud Cort,” Court Green, Issue 7

from This is the Room,” Dewclaw, Issue 2

“I Was Over There for a While,” Dislocate, Issue 6

“Circling,” Denver Quarterly

from Have the Hands Ask it Back,” Eleven Eleven, Issue 7

from AWAY,” Heavy Feather Review 

I and From,” Hawk & Handsaw, Issue 1

“Or Loss,” Los Angeles Review 

“Nine Anagrams for That Thing You Just Said,” No Dear 9

“The Dregs,” No Dear 14 

Nightmare Directed by Victor Erice,” MAKE Issue 10

from “The Seizures,” Makeout Creek 4

“Nine Anagrams for that Things You Just Said,” No, Dear  Issue #9

The Dregs,” No, Dear Issue # 13

from The Three-Hour Swedish Problem,” Quarterly West, Issue 66

“from Persona Graph,RHINO, 2010 Issue

from Persona Graph,” Sentence, a journal of Prose Poetics, Issue # 9

“The Dinner Show” and “I am Short for Filming,” Zaum 2008

“from Have the Hands Ask it Back,” Zoland Poetry Annual


on William Gaddis’s The Recognitions, HTML GIANT

on Johannes Goransson’s Pilot, Octopus Magazine, Issue 11

on Catherine Meng’s Tonight’s the Night and the Development of a first Book

after Alan Gilbert’s Late in the Antennae Fields, a film and poem

COLLABORATIVE, with Thomas Cook:

CHAPBOOK: from Monster: a Glottochronology, alice blue books, 2012

from Monster:  a GlottochronologyAlice Blue, Issue 10

from Monster:  a Glottochronology: Horseless Review, Issue 7

from Monster:  a Glottochronology: Spinning Jenny, Issue 11

from Monster:  a Glottochronology: Qarrtsiluni, audio included

Video of Tyler and Thomas reading/creating the Monster


Philip Seymour Hoffman and Returning to the Self,” Entropy Magazine

“Has Google Made You Stupid? Has Linking Linked You Out,” Unboxed Thoughts

“Profiles in Leadership: Mental Illness vs. Normalcy,” Unboxed Thoughts

“Anesthetized Patience: The Truth About Waiting Rooms,” Unboxed Thoughts

“We Are All Routine (In Route),” Unboxed Thoughts

“Thinking About Feeling: The New Approach Toward Happiness,” Unboxed Thoughts

“Crashing at Noon,”  Unboxed Thoughts

“Your Very Own Obsession with Mad Men,” Unboxed Thoughts


Things Jane Says

The Missed Call

The Injury Edition

The Jest Edition

The Priority Edition

The Things You Cannot Miss Edition

Words You Don’t Want to Hear

I Have Questions For You Edition

Numbers, Dieting and Noticing

The Music and the Smoking Edition

The Voice Edition


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